What differentiates it from others?

    LH is a company that considers the relationship with customers as the most important thing, that is why we are committed, passionate and upright, in this way we make sure that our relationship with our customers is as long-lasting as our products, and thus, we are with them for the time of a lifetime.

What do you want to offer your customers?

   Accessories for any occasion. From a picnic day to a glamorous evening event. Not only that but also we have available comfortable, sustainable and a long lasting clothing line, includes sports sets, hoodies, shirts, caps, check them out!

Why did LH start? When did it start?

   First of all, I want to thank you for giving me part of your time to visit our website, I can't wait for you to review everything we have for you, fall in love with our pieces and... place your order!

  LH Accessories was created in Venezuela in 2018. The brand has expanded internationally swiftly in the mid of 2019 to different places the world like United States, Colombia, Australia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, France, etc.

Currently, we are based in the United States now and we are excited that it can reach your homes, regardless of religion, nationality or color. We fully appreciate each client because from the beginning our purpose has been to focus on immortalizing moments through symbolic accessories and jewelry thats last over time.

  We offer high quality, low environmental impact products that are strong, durable, beautiful and stylish, competing in the price and quality standards in the Jewelry and Apparel Industry.